Listening, listening, listening. Organizing, organizing, organizing.

My work is rooted in the practice of listening to what people are really saying, and helping them organize around their own issues and opportunities.


I facilitate strategic planning processes, community meetings, and other gatherings where people are seeking to share information and perspectives and make decisions. I know how to work with groups to craft a process that involves all stakeholders and achieves desired outcomes.

Developing Innovative Programs And Needed Resources

I am known for leading all steps of successful program development and management -- from concept to evaluation of outcomes. Often my programs are "firsts":
  • The first community development training institute in Oregon for emerging leaders interested in creating housing and economic opportunities in low-income neighborhoods and communities

  • The first statewide arts and community development programs in Oregon

  • The first program in the nation funding county and tribal-based arts, heritage, and humanities cultural coalitions

  • The first Pathways academy for leaders within Oregon community colleges focused on innovation and stronger service to students, and the development of action plans for each college

  • The first cultural plan for a region outside Berlin, Germany, which is struggling with issues related to its shrinking population

"Bill Flood has a discerning passion for community issues that is highly regarded throughout the state. The Cultural Trust's creation of Oregon's county and tribal cultural coalitions would never have been possible without Bill's leadership and understanding of the multitude of issues involved."

- Bill Bradbury,
Former Oregon Secretary of State
Salem, Oregon

Working With Multiple Groups to Develop Resources and Overcome Barriers

I work with many different people -- across boundaries of race, class and geography -- and around difficult issues. Issues range from supporting Oregon rural communities and Tribes in their use of culture as a revitalizing force, to guiding the City of Beaverton and Portland's Regional Arts and Culture Council align services with growing ethnic populations.

Integrating Arts And Culture With Community Development

Following my earlier training and work in the social and physical sides of community development, I have specialized for the last 20 years in assisting communities identify and integrate their diverse cultures with community planning. Engaging people culturally builds a deeper level of civic commitment and opens new options for sustainable community development. Culture is what we feel most strongly about.

Work In Germany

I have lived in Germany and often teach and work there, especially in Brandenburg (the region surrounding Berlin.) Working in more than one country deepens my practice. Many communities in Brandenburg are struggling with issues around declining population, issues that rural American communities are also facing. In 2008, I received a J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board award to further my research and teaching in Brandenburg.

Network/Coalition Development and Evaluation

An increasing number of my projects focus on either 1) ways of collaborating, especially through development of networks and coalitions, or 2) ongoing program evaluation. I am fascinated with both of these areas and am very happy to be growing with clients here.

Thoughtful Management And Attention To Detail

Start on time, end on time. I have learned that all people respond to respect, clear communication, follow-through with commitments, and most of all being heard.

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