Selected Reports and Papers

Creative RoseburgBill Flood, publication
A report with recommended actions on how Roseburg, Oregon can grow creative workers, enterprises and activities in its downtown core, 2016

Proposed Beaverton (Oregon) Arts and Culture CenterBill Flood, publication
Outreach to Communities of Color and Culturally-Specific Groups, 2015

2014-15 Regional Outdoor Education GatheringsBill Flood, publication
A Project of the Oregon Outdoor Education Coalition - March 3, 2015

Regional Gatherings of County & Tribal Cultural CoalitionsBill Flood, publication
Oregon Cultural Trust: 2014 Capacity Building Project - December 31, 2014

Organizing Culture in OregonBill Flood, publication
Essay submitted in April, 2014 for a forthcoming German book edited by Dr. Raphaele Henze.

Community Engagement in American Cultural PolicyBill Flood, publication
Co-authored with Dr. Patricia Dewey (University of Oregon) for the 2013 Jahrbuch für Kulturpolitik, Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft, Bonn, Germany

Regional Arts and Culture Council Outreach and Equity PlanBill Flood, publication
Consulted with Outreach Specialist through development of plan (2013)

Arts East: A Plan for Increasing Arts Equity, Access, Resources in East Portland, OregonBill Flood, publication
facilitated process and led plan development for the Portland Mayor's Office and East Portland Arts Collective (2012)

Sherwood Cultural Arts Feasibility Study (Business Plan) Bill Flood, publication
prepared by PARC Resources with Bill Flood as facilitator (2011)

Plan for the Oregon Folklife Network Bill Flood, publication
Oregon Arts Commission (2010)

The Green/Sustainability Movement, Food Culture, and the Music Scene within Youth Culture in Portland Oregon Bill Flood, publication
American Studies Journal, (Spring, 2010)

The Arts in Cross-Sector Collaborations: Reflections on Recent Practice in the U.S Bill Flood, publication
co-authored with Beth Vogel, written for a German book published on collaborative practice among arts and non-arts organizations: Regionale Cooperation im Kulturbereich (2010)

Trolley Trail Public Art and Amenities Guide Bill Flood publication
Clackamas County Arts Alliance and North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (2009)

Public Art Element -- Red Soils Campus Master Plan Bill Flood publication
Clackamas County Arts Alliance (2008)

Wir Bleiben Hier (We are Staying Here) Bill Flood publication
summary of Fulbright experience in Germany (2008)

Arts and Culture Help Rural Downtown Development Bill Flood publication
League of Oregon Cities Local Focus (August, 2005)

"Because of Bill's strong management of Beaverton's Ten Tiny Dances we have been able to meet all project goals including securing grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and Oregon Arts Commission, increasing the number of ethnic dancers, and growing an event of high artistic quality. Goals were achieved because of his effective and enthusiastic outreach, dogged attention to resource development and unwavering pursuit of artistic excellence."

- Jayne Scott,
Senior Program Manager for Arts, Culture and Events
City of Beaverton
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