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Facilitation and Planning
  • Oregon Cultural Trust. Salem, Oregon. Organizing and facilitating seven regional trainings with members of Oregon's cultural coalitions. (2014)

  • Clackamas County Tourism and Cultural Affairs. Oregon City, Oregon. Developed with Write to Know Consultants a local heritage assets inventory, assessment and strategic plan. (2013)

  • Portland Mayor's Office. Facilitated development of Arts East: A Plan for Increasing Arts Equity, Access, and Resources in East Portland, Oregon. (2012)

  • White Salmon Arts Consortium, White Salmon, Washington. Facilitating development of strategic plan. (2012)

  • Public Affairs Research Consultants and KBOO Community Radio, Portland, Oregon. Served as facilitator in a planning process resulting in a board-adopted strategic plan for KBOO Community Radio. (2011)

  • Public Affairs Research Consultants and City of Sherwood, Oregon. Served as facilitator in a strategic business planning process for the new Sherwood Cultural Center. (2011)

  • Regional Governance and Culture Research Group, Cultural Management Program, Applied Sciences University (Potsdam, German). Consulted on development of a regional cultural development plan for three rural communities in the German state of Brandenburg which are struggling with issues related to a drastically shrinking population. (2009)

"Bill Flood has been a real friend to the community of Echo; he has seen possibilities for us that others often over looked and has made us look at ourselves and appreciate our assets. Sometimes it is hard to focus and pull together ideas to make a vision; Bill knows how to do this and has helped us focus our vision of Echo."

- Diane Berry,
City Manager
Echo, Oregon

  • City of Hillsboro, Oregon. Worked with artist Valerie Otani to implement Hillsboro's Public Art Master Plan which we developed in 2008. Specific tasks included writing a public art ordinance, developing incentives for public art in private development, and researching and drafting the foundation for a long-term arts and culture fund. (2009)

  • Clackamas County Cultural Coalition. Led update of the Clackamas County Cultural Plan. (2008)

Program Development and Management
  • Oregon Community Foundation. Currently serving as evaluator for OCF's new Creative Heights program focused on stimulating excellence and innovation within Oregon arts and cultural organizations. (2014)

  • City of Beaverton, Oregon. Managed the 2013 Beaverton International Celebration, a large festival celebrating the many ethnic cultures of Oregon's most ethnically diverse community. (2013)

  • Beaverton Arts Commission. Beaverton, Oregon. Manager of Ten Tiny Dances 2014, an annual event which showcases the work of both contemporary and traditional/ethnic dancers. I manage all elements of external fund development, site selection, artist selection, and community outreach. (Currently, since 2009)

  • Clackamas County Arts Alliance. Managed development of public art projects in Clackamas County. Projects included an outdoor mural in Molalla, public art for a planned library in Gladstone, a commemorative public artwork for City Hall in Oregon City, and a wall sculpture in downtown Oregon City by artist Lee Kelly. (2011)

  • The Confluence Project (Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington). Led outreach and fund development for a memorial artwork to be designed by artist Maya Lin at Celilo Park, the site of the former Celilo Falls on the Columbia River. Worked with multiple partners including Northwest Indian Tribes and Native residents at Celilo. (2009-2010)

  • City of Hillsboro, Oregon. Researched and drafted the foundation for a long-term arts and culture fund. (2009)

  • Oregon Pathways Alliance. Organized and managed two statewide academies for leadership teams from all 17 Oregon community colleges to better understand and utilize Career Pathways -- a national model for better serving community college students. (2005 and 2007)

  • Consortium of Neighborhood Cultural and Youth Organizations, Berlin, Germany. Facilitated neighborhood-based cultural and youth organizations working together for the first cultural festival in the Berlin neighborhood of Alt-Treptow. (2006)

Teaching, Training
  • University of Oregon Arts and Administration Program, Eugene, Oregon. I am adjunct faculty with this program and teach Community Cultural Development (AAD 451/551). I have also served as guest lecturer in other classes and consulted on the expansion of the Arts Administration Program to Portland. (Ongoing since 2007)

  • Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft e.V, Bonn, Germany. Only U.S. presenter at the 2013 German conference on cultural policy and cultural planning: Kultur nach Plan? Strategien konzeptbasierter Kulturpolitik. (2013)

  • National Guild of Communities Schools of the Arts, Northwest Chapter, Olympia, Washington. Facilitated a morning training session illustrating practical examples of community building. (2009)

  • Hawaii Foundation on Culture and the Arts, Honolulu. Trainer in two-day session for community-based arts organizations. Presentation focused on what it means to be a community-based organization and examples of how Portland arts organizations are surviving in a difficult economic climate. (2009)

  • U.S. Embassy, Berlin and Bonn, Germany. Faculty for American Studies conferences for English teachers at German High Schools. Presentations focused on community cultural development and urban development. (2006 and 2009)

  • Americans for the Arts National Conference, Seattle. Organized and moderated a session on "Innovations in Urban Gardening", focused on exploring the connections between public art and urban gardens. (2009)

  • Potsdam Fachhochschule (Applied Sciences University), Cultural Management Program, Potsdam, Germany. In 2006 I lectured on cultural policy, community arts, community development, and advised students with internships. I returned in 2008 through receiving a J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board award to research, teach and advise faculty and students around community cultural development practices. (2006 and 2008)

  • U.S. Embassy, Prague, Czech Republic. Participated in panel discussion on "Empowering Marginalized Social Groups: The Role of Identities and Culture." (2006)

Equity and Outreach
  • Bag and Baggage Productions, Hillsboro Oregon. Facilitated conversations with over 100 individuals and community groups in seven rural communities to identify how they can access professional theater. (2013-2014)

  • Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland, Oregon. Working with staff to develop strategies for better engaging and serving ethnic populations and other culturally-specific groups in Washington, Clackamas and Multnomah Counties. (2011-12)

  • City of Beaverton and Nonprofit Association of Oregon. Conducting a gap analysis between ethnic community values and City of Beaverton policies and services. (2011-12)

  • City of Beaverton and Nonprofit Association of Oregon. Organized and facilitated a series of eight community outreach meetings with specific ethnic groups in Beaverton. Meetings focused on identifying barriers to accessing City services and civic engagement. (2011)

  • Portland Community College and Nonprofit Association of Oregon. Co-facilitated a planning retreat with Diversity Council representatives from the four PCC campuses. (2009)

  • Portland State University Office of Academic Excellence, Portland, Oregon. Facilitated a six-month faculty self-study group focused on cultural diversity issues. (1997-1998)

Network and Coalition Development
  • Oregon Outdoor School. Facilitated a planning process (including a statewide town hall/webinar) involving key stakehol ders in the early phase of developing an Oregon Conservation Education Coalition. (2013)

  • Northwest Heritage Resources. Assisted in organizing and facilitating a statewide planning process to re-imagine a folklife and traditional arts service system in the state of Washington. (2013)

  • Oregon Arts Commission. Organized and facilitated a strategic planning process with key folklife stakeholders across Oregon which resulted in development of the Oregon Folklife Network. In 2011 I assisted the University of Oregon/Oregon Folklife Network develop its internal strategic plan. (2010 and 2011)

Resource and Grants Development
  • Multnomah Arts Center, Portland, Oregon. Consulting with multiple aspects of planning and development of The Arts Cottages - shared facilities for small arts guilds and organizations. Grants and resource development is an important element of this project. (2013-2014)

  • Beaverton Arts Commission, Beaverton, Oregon. Consulted with Arts Commission staff on successful grants to funders including the National Endowment for the Arts, Oregon Arts Commission, Regional Arts and Culture Council, and private foundations. (Currently, since 2009)

  • The Collins Foundation, Portland, Oregon. Reviewed grant proposals and developed summaries for Trustees. (2008, 2011, 2012)

  • Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, Oregon. Assisted staff with development of an operating support grant to Regional Arts and Culture Council. (2008)

  • Advocacy Institute, Leadership for a Changing World, Washington DC. Served as the local site visit partner to review an Oregon finalist in the Leadership for a Changing World program. (2004)

  • Do Jump Theatre! Portland, Oregon. Assisted in developing the organization's strategic plan and a subsequent proposal to the Oregon Community Foundation. (2004)

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