Core Collaborators

Doug Blandy

Dr. Doug Blandy
University of Oregon

Dr. Blandy is a University of Oregon professor in the College of Design, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management, Cultural Leadership. He also serves as the University's Director of Folklore and Public Culture.

Ethan Selzer

Dr. Patrick S. Föhl
Netzwerk Kulturberatung

Dr. Föhl is founder and director of Netzwerk Kulturberatung, the Network for Cultural Consulting in Berlin, Germany. For more then ten years he has been dealing with issues of transformative and concept-based cultural development.

Rudy Guglielmo

Rudy Guglielmo
Guglielmo Consulting

Rudy Guglielmo is Principal at Guglielmo Consulting. He and Bill have been colleagues for many years and work especially in areas of community cultural development, facilitation and planning. They share strong experience and interest in working across cultures.

Valerie Otani

Valerie Otani
City of Hillsboro, Oregon

Valerie Otani is an experienced public artist and Public Art Program Supervisor with the City of Hillsboro, Oregon. Valerie and Bill often work together on developing municipal public art plans.

Chris Riley

Chris Riley

Since 2010, Chris Riley has practiced out of Studioriley, an international strategic insights/planning firm, where he has led a network of graphic designers, writers, photojournalists and business strategists who produce great insight and inform inspired strategic thinking.

George Thorn

George Thorn
Arts Action Research

George Thorn is a founding associate and the West Coast representative for Arts Action Research. He is also lead of the Regional Arts and Culture Council’s organizational and board leadership programs.

Parc Resources

PARC Resources
Bend and Weston, Oregon

PARC Resources “turns dreams into resources for rural areas, small communities, non-profits, small businesses, and Tribes.”