Clients & Colleagues Say

Guadalupe Guajardo, PhD
LACE – Latina Associates for Collaborative Engagement

Guadalupe Guajardo

"Bill Flood, as a heart-centered cultural worker, is one of Oregon’s most well-rounded consultants, trainer, and facilitator. His commitment to the liberation of all humans, demonstrated in his ability to work in rural and urban and multi-ethnic communities, makes him a unique healing professional."

Bill Bradbury
Former Oregon Secretary of State
Salem, Oregon

KBill Bradbury

"Bill Flood has a discerning passion for community issues that is highly regarded throughout the state. The Cultural Trust's creation of Oregon's county and tribal cultural coalitions would never have been possible without Bill's leadership and understanding of the multitude of issues involved."

Tonisha Toler
Program Officer
The Collins Foundation

Tonisha Toler

"Bill was a great mentor when we (Regional Arts and Culture Council) were tasked with developing an outreach plan focused on growing diversity and equity for the organization. The plan we developed was a wonderful roadmap for an organization struggling with diversity and equity. It got us started, and now the conversation and movement is strong."

Gregory Dubay
Community Music Center
Portland, Oregon

Gregory Dubay

"Bill Flood played a major role in the successful transition of our organization after the retirement of its prior director. He was the best person we could have chosen for two board retreats to accomplish this, because of his skill in bringing out the best from everyone without overlaying any preconceptions or agenda of his own."

Savannah Barrett
Director of Programs, Art of the Rural
Co-Founder & Staff, Kentucky Rural-Urban Exchange

Savannah Barrett

"Bill Flood is respected around the country for his thoughtful, values-based approach to community work. As a teacher, Bill offered me a foundational understanding of the community cultural development field, and the best strategies for working in a way that centers people and places in complex development processes. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

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