Facilitation and Planning

Facilitated a strategic planning process for the dev elopment of an arts and culture plan for East Portland, Oregon (2012).

Worked closely with the Portland Mayor’s Office and mult iple local stakeholders in Portland’s most socially, culturally, and economically diverse area to integrate arts and cultural development with neighborhood improvements.

Arts East: A Plan for Increasing Arts Equity in East Portland, Oregon.

Program Development, Management, Evaluation

Organized Oregon Pathways to Advancement Academies in 2005 and 2007, symposiums for leaders from all seventeen Oregon community colleges to explore innovative approaches to serving today's students and workforce.

Worked with a Steering Committee to identify desired outcomes, develop curriculum, identify and contract with presenters, market the Academy, manage proceedings, and evaluate outcomes.

Successful Oregon Pathways to Advancement Academies for Oregon community colleges and their workforce partners, and action plans drafted for each community college.

"Bill is a compassionate listener. Working with a team of five community colleges across Oregon, Bill coordinated a successful statewide event bringing a team from each of Oregon's 17 community colleges to focus on innovation. His approach in working with organizations collaborating together is to focus on their strengths and finding common ground. His ability to keep the big picture in mind while attending to the details is a striking balance. And we had fun working together at the same time. Not an easy combination."

- Mimi Maduro,
Pathways Initiative Statewide Director
Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development
Teaching and Training

I teach Community Cultural Development (since 2007) with the University of Oregon Arts Administration Program.

My approach to teaching this course blends my practical experience, wisdom from my colleagues in the field, readings on history and theory, with a heavy emphasis on student participation. Course website: http://aaablogs.uoregon.edu/communityculturaldev.

An engaging course which gives students an understanding of the theory and skills important to working within the area of community cultural development.

Outreach and Equity

Organized and facilitated a series of eight outreach meetings on behalf of the City of Beaverton, Oregon, to engage ethnic community members around accessing City services and civic engagement (2011). In 2012 we analyzed City policies and services to align with the values and needs of ethnic communities.

Worked in collaboration with Guadalupe Guajardo, Nonprofit Association of Oregon, and the Mayor's Diversity Task Force to identify and partner with ethnic community organizations.

Data for the City on how to better design City services and engage people with City government. Both new and deepened relationships between the City and ethnic organizations.

Network and Coalition Development

Organized and facilitated a strategic planning process addressing the loss of the Oregon Folklife Program.

Identified, engaged, and brought together key stakeholders from throughout Oregon to collectively listen, learn, and craft a sustainable solution.

A plan with commitments from core funding partners resulting in the Oregon Folklife Network, a new statewide service network now based at the University of Oregon.

Resource and Grants Development

I have been involved in all aspects of grants writing, development, and management, including developing and managing the Oregon Arts Commission's Arts Build Communities grants program (1996-2005).

Based on consultation with statewide arts and community partners and U.S. colleagues, I developed a program to serve rural and urban communities and Tribes throughout Oregon. Developed key funding partnerships and continually evaluated and improved the program.

An innovative, community-based program that served (during my tenure) over 500 Oregon communities and Tribes, distributed nearly $1 million in funding, and attracted attention from state and national funders.

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